Taking Shortcuts

It’s happened to all of us! We’re walking down the path, we know our goals, and where we’re going. Then we think to ourselves, if I just cut right through here, I’ll reduce some time off my journey. We think about it and do it. It will be easier right? It’s just human nature, after all.

When hiking, I see these signs all the time, they say ‘PLEASE DON’T CUT TRAIL’.  These signs are here for a reason. When people start taking shortcuts, we trample down the flora and fauna, kill microorganisms, and eventually over time, create a massive amount of erosion.

I believe, if we cut the trail too often, with our diet and lifestyle choices, we can create a lot of erosion in our physical and mental health.

Diet Hacks

I dare you to google diet hacks or keto hacks. There are millions of them. In fact, we have created an entire industry for diet hacks. The problem with hacking your weight loss goals? It’s not sustainable, in most cases. You may reach your initial goal to lose 15lbs, only to gain 20lbs back, sound familiar?

There are a few hacks that have some good tips, but most of them are full of misinformation like this one. Do you think our ancestors used diet hacks, probably not? I’m sure they were always looking for better ways of doing things, but their diet was all natural. We just ate what was available at the time, and we were never fat!

Dirty Keto is Just Cutting Trail

I believe the keto diet works, but I have some major problems with it. The keto diet can be full of all sorts of junk food snacks. The focus is on the macros, not the content. The keto industry has a substitute for everything. Have you ever read the ingredient list on some of the keto protein bars?

protein bar ingredients

They are definitely not aligned with the Primal Blueprint. They meet the macros but are full of garbage. You would be better off eating a handful of blueberries, and a hardboiled egg. If we must snack, make them whole food, and nutrient dense snacks. Check out my take on deviled eggs here.

Keto Replacement Recipes

The Keto Diet and most every other diet, have a recipe to replace every comfort food known to man. I take issue with this. Why? Well, it’s like telling someone, “if you want to quit smoking, just vape”. When you have Keto Cake, Keto Ice Cream, and Keto Lasagna, it just reminds you of the real thing. This makes it easy to fall back into your old eating habits. I believe this is why most diets are not sustainable and fail. We never really make lifestyle changes; we take the shortcut. To really make things last long term focus on living like our ancestors and don’t cut the trail.

If every once in a while, you want to splurge and have some cake. Do it, but eat the real thing, don’t feel guilty, and never eat it every week. The next day just gets right back on the path. This is far more satisfying than eating Keto Cake all the time, and probably better for you long term. Wake up the next morning focused on your next step. Whatever you do, don’t feel guilty about spending time with friends and family at your nephew’s birthday party.

What about Clean Keto

Clean Keto is basically just following a lower carb version of the Primal Blueprint. Check out this article.  There really isn’t any magic to Keto, it’s basically just restricting carbs. A lot of people will say you need to eat more fat on Keto, I have news for you. If you’re already fat, your body has plenty to eat. When you’re a lean machine then consume more healthy fats.

The idea that our ancestors got 70% of there calories from fat is absurd. I hunt and have harvested many game animals! Trust me, they don’t have the same fat content as wagyu beef, or regular beef for that matter. Even if you eat all the organs, you’ll not get close to the recommended Keto Macros. Wild animals are very lean and nutrient dense. If you look at the nutritional value of wild foods they far surpass domestic verities.

How to Stay on the Weight Loss Path

  • Focus on eating whole foods
  • Do not get caught up in the organic, and grass-fed craze, eat the cleanest foods that fit your budget
  • Shop wisely and read labels (Click here for my tips on shopping like a hunter-gather)
  • Do not get caught up in the Keto macros, it makes things far too complicated.
  • Focus on the carbohydrates. In the wild, they are very limited, and our bodies have adapted to eating low carb.
  • Move at a frequent slow pace. It’s a fact that walking is one of the best forms of exercise for burning fat.
  • Eliminate the comfort replacement foods. Find new ones, there’s nothing more satisfying than grilled venison loin, served with ‘The Garlic Sauce’
  • Know your goal, your next step
  • Please Don’t Cut Trail
  • Hunt your own food, if possible. Animal and plant foods. It’s fun! Keeps you moving and gets in touch with your wild side.

The Bottom Line

Remember, when we choose to make lifestyle changes, it’s one step at a time. We have a vision of our goal but have no idea how to get there. What do we do, take shortcuts? Losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle is not about the end goal, it’s more about the journey. If we focus on the path and not the destination. A healthy lifestyle is sustainable. Think of it as a staircase, step one-eliminate processed food, step two- cut out refined sugar, and so on. If we take this approach, it can be done and sustained.

So next time you’re walking down the trail, and you think, if I just cut through here, I’ll get to the lake faster. Remember the sign ‘PLEASE DON’T CUT TRAIL’.  Think of all the great experiences you’ll miss on your journey. Don’t take shortcuts, know your next step, and you too can live a healthy, happy life. Have you ever taken a diet shortcut and failed let me know?

Live Wild,

The Primal Pit

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