Smokey Chorizo, Cheddar, Eggs

This recipe is as much about techniques, as it is about ingredients. This is a deviled egg recipe that involves cold smoking and grilling. What could be better? If you want a Keto snack that adds that extra layer of flavor, try this one out.

Cold Smoking

The first step is cold smoking, not just the eggs, but the cheese as well. You can accomplish cold smoking in a few different ways. I like using a Pellet Tube Smoker, like this. You fill this baby up, light it, and away you go. It can be used in any kind of grill or even a metal box. I use mine in an upright smoker or my Weber Kettle. Just follow the manufacturers instructions and it will be fairly simple. This little tube can be used for hot smoking as well.

You could also use one of those stovetop smokers or a smoke generator, I suppose. I do not have any experience with these. If you do let me know. If you’re lucking enough to own a smokehouse or a Bradly Smoker, you probably don’t need any further tips on cold smoking. If not, keep reading.

Cold Smoking Tips

  • Keep Things Cool: We need to make sure the temperature stays below 90F inside the smoker. If it’s too hot you will melt the cheese, not good. Try smoking things on a cool day. Another method is to add some ice to a drip pan, or a pie plate inside your grill.
  • Freeze the Cheese: I like to put my cheese in the freezer for an hour or so before I start smoking. This also helps with temperature and melting issues.
  • Timing is Everything: Smoke things too long, it will be so bitter the dog won’t eat it. Too little, and you will not pick up enough smoke flavor. I find the sweet spot for around 3 hours.
  • Experiment with Different Types of Wood: Get creative with your cold smoking, the flavor combos are endless.
  • You don’t need to Age the Cheese: I have watched a lot of YouTube videos on cold smoking cheese. Most guys say to let the cheese sit in the fridge for 4 weeks after smoking. This really isn’t necessary. Will it improve the intensity of the smoke flavor?  Yes, but if you decide to use your cheese right away it will still taste smoky and delicious.
  • Try Other Foods: There are several other foods that can be cold smoked besides eggs and cheese. Salmon/Trout (any oily fish will work after it’s been cured), nuts, spices, salt, fruits (cold smoked fruit salad is great), and coffee. Almost any ingredient can be cold smoked, be creative and let me know the results. Please always follow safe food practices.


Smoky Chorizo Deviled Eggs

6 to 8 cold smoked hardboiled eggs

1/3 cup of Primal-approved mayo

1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

1 tablespoon yellow mustard

1/3 cup of grilled chorizo sausage minced (about 1)

1/3 cup cold smoked cheddar cheese

1 teaspoon cold smoked paprika

2 dashes of Crystal Brand hot sauce

Cheddar cheese crisp for a topper, or pork rinds would make a nice addition (anything to add a little crunch)

Salt and pepper to taste


The Steps

  1. Cold smoke the cheese and whole hardboiled eggs, for three hours. Remove from smoker and refrigerate for a few hours, or overnight (overnight is best).
  2. Grill chorizo over indirect heat until done. I like adding some wood chunks for additional smoked flavor. You can also cook them inside but it will not taste as good.
  3. Make this or buy some keto cheese crisp. Set these aside and try not to eat them
  4. Cut the eggs in half and follow standard deviled egg protocol.
  5. Mix all ingredients with the egg yolks in a mixing bowl, except for cheese crisp and smoked paprika (you can make this cold smoking as well). Mix it well until you get that desired deviled egg filling texture.
  6. Fill egg halves with the yolk mixture, dust with paprika and top of with cheese crisp.
  7. If you happen to have leftovers refrigerate and save for later.


Bottom Line

Deviled Eggs are an underutilized Keto diet food, they are primal approved, and are very nutritious if done correctly. Cold smoking is something we hardly think about doing ourselves, and there’s really no excuse. With today’s technology, anyone can cold smoke in the backyard. Try cold smoking out and let me know what you create.


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