Nature’s Renewal Process

I was hiking through an area that was hit by wildland fire, last summer. Many people stated how devastating and destructive it was. It was almost like their whole world was coming to an end. I don’t see it that way, to me, it’s a time of rebirth and renewal. Nature just has a way of fixing itself. Turns out our bodies can go through a renewal process, provided we make good choices.

Ignite Your Inner Fire

In a lot of ways, we need a rebirth or a fire lit under our ass to get our body to go through its own renewal process. That can be anything from choosing to eat better, moving more frequently, or just letting go of yesterday to move forward today. All three of these contribute to our overall health and wellbeing and are choices we can make. Let’s start cleaning the house.

What We Eat

What we eat is the foundation of our overall wellness. If you work for a large company you have probably heard the phrase “garbage in garbage out” when referring to data. When it comes to diet, we can say the same thing. What we eat is what we are. If we fill ourselves with fast food, highly processed seed oils, refined sugar, and grains, that’s not much of a foundation. We will eventually crumble and breakdown.

  • Food Choices

Every day we are faced with choices. We can go the cheap route, the expensive route, or the sensible route when it comes to our food choices.

  • The Cheap Route

Unfortunately, this is the easy route as well, and human nature is to take the path of least resistance. Buying cheap food is not always in our best interest. When you look at the spectrum of best to worst food choices, the items at the bottom are almost always, highly processed and refined foods. Things like that 48 pack of mac and cheese you got at the box store for 5 bucks. Maybe you had a long day and you order a pizza, maybe it’s not cheap, but it’s easy!

The first step to ridding yourself of the cheap food, and I recommend everyone do this. Is purge your pantry of all grains, industrialized seed oils, HFCF, and refined sugar. This sounds easy but it’s actually pretty drastic and not easy at all. After all, 90% of what we find in the grocery store is made of these ingredients. And let’s be honest we’re addicted to them as well. Below, I will explain why we need to eliminate these classifications of foods from our diet. Don’t be fearful, we can do this.

  • Grains are Bad

Grains are full of the antinutrients, lectins, gluten and, phytates.

Lectins are a primary cause of the leaky gut syndrome. That sounds bad, but basically what happens is the lectins damage the small intestine and allow undigested foreign particles to enter the bloodstream and trigger an autoimmune response.

Gluten is a type of lectin found mostly in wheat. When we ingest it, it causes a mild to a severe inflammatory response. It will compromise our immune system and digestive process. Most of us have issues with gluten but don’t know it.

Good old phytates. Phytates bind with nutrients so they are not available to our body. You can eat a healthy diet full of nutrient dense foods, and think you’re doing a good job. If you eat a lot of grains in that so-called healthy diet. The phytates will bind with the nutrients and carry them away. Phytates lead to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals, and it is very common in grain-based diets.

Grains are also high in carbohydrates. This leads to high blood sugar and insulin production. Next thing you know you have insulin resistance, type II diabetes, you’re fat as hell and don’t know why. Step one cut out the grains.

  • Industrial Oils

This includes canola, corn, and safflower oil, any kind of margarine, or polyunsaturated vegetable oils. This is the short list and there are many more that fall on this list. The spectrum of oils is kind of confusing if you want some tips on what I buy click here.

Refined industrial oils oxidize and form free-radicals. They cause cell membrane, tissue, cardiovascular system, immune system, and nervous system damage. Industrial oils are associated with cancer, heart disease, obesity, accelerated aging, and inflammation.

Basically, industrial oils are pure poison and should never be consumed. It’s pretty hard to avoid these oils when going the cheap route, considering 40% of the processed junk in the store contains industrialized oils.

  • Refined Sugar and HFCS

I think most of us know that sugar and high fructose corn syrup is bad for us. Any diet or lifestyle choice will tell us that. I don’t care if it’s vegan or keto, they will recommend removing all refined sugars from your diet. This is kind of hard considering the average American eats about 115 pounds of the stuff every year, and probably don’t even know it. Throw in the high carb grains, and we are looking at insidious weight gain for sure. We think we’re making a good choice, by drinking a big old class of fruit juice, but the truth is, it probably has more sugar in it than soda pop.

Diets high in sugar will promote inflammation and oxidation in the bloodstream. This can lead to heart disease, accelerated aging, and cancer. Too much sugar gives our bodies excess fuel and will lead to rapid cell division. Sugar will also create excess insulin production that will lead to fat storage. If you keep eating sugar, eventually your pancreas will just give up, quit producing insulin, and you will be diabetic.

Sugar has zero nutritional value, the best example of empty calories. This up and down sugar roller-coaster between the insulin response, sugar crash, and eating more to replenish our energy is bad. This is one reason the Keto Diet works so well, because you rid yourself of the amusement park roller-coaster ride, and stabilize blood sugars.

Purge your Pantry

As you can see, these three classifications of poisons we eat, are the cause or associated with all the major disease we face in the modern world today. Type II Diabetes-check, Heart Disease-check, Obesity-check. Eliminate the garbage in and that’s step one. If you want some help in purging your pantry and getting started with your body’s renewal process, you can contact me. I will be willing to give you some tips and assist with label reading and interpretation. Tune in next week and I will cover the expensive and sensible routes to making our food choices.

Live Wild

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