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I don’t want to be Downer Doug, but when it comes to making good tasting food most of us suck! We make bland tasting, pale looking meat and veggies, that looks like canned dog food. We can make better! Here's a recipe for a great all-around Keto seasoning.

What I Like

I like to keep things simple. In fact, I keep things so simple when cooking beef, I use salt only 95% of the time. Salt enhances the flavor of beef and aids in creating a great crust, on the steak. Another benefit, of salt, is it doesn’t burn like BBQ rubs and marinades. Salt is easy for sure. Next time your grilling a ribeye try just using salt. If you want additional layers of flavor, use a great sauce, like this Galrlic Sauce or finish with butter or olive oil. Truth is, the best steak houses in the world use Salt, super high heat and finish with butter or olive oil. Then, a grind of black pepper. Salt, fire, smoke, and meat are my favorite ingredients.

BBQ Rubs

When I grill, it’s obvious that I mostly use salt. What about slow and low, smoking, and true BBQ cooking? To be honest, salt is still my go to. There are exceptions, however. When I cook ribs, pork roast, leg of lamb, whole chickens, and turkeys, or any large cut of meat except beef, I like to use a rub.

The Problem with Rubs and Keto Seasonings

The issue I have with BBQ rubs? Most commercially available rubs or recipes you find online have two main ingredients, sugar and salt. Then they add 20 other herbs and spices. They give us the impression that it’s some top-secret, award-winning recipe. Have you ever tasted one? We mostly taste sweet and salty. We can taste other things, like the heat and garlic, but you’re not tasting 20 different things, trust me. Wait, I picked up the taste of cumin from the three seeds that were added? I don’t think so. We all know sugar is bad, will spike insulin, lead to insidious weight gain, and give you the Keto Kick.

This is my sugar-free Keto Seasoning Rub, with just 6 ingredients. Trust me this will not disappoint! If you like it hot, I have one variation. Add half a teaspoon of cyan pepper. Otherwise, just leave it.



Ingredients Keto BBQ Rub:

The Steps:

There are a few cooking steps involved, so you may want to make a double batch, only because it’s so good.

In a small sauté pan, over medium-low heat, lightly toast the peppercorns and cumin seeds. Be careful, and don’t walk away. If you burn this stuff, it will taste like crap, I know! We want to bring out the volatile oils.  A light toast will do. Here's a tip, when you first start smelling the peppercorns and cumin, it's time to take it off the heat.

Set the toasted spices aside and let cool. After cooling add the cumin, peppercorns and Mexican oregano to a spice grinder. Grind them into a powder about the consistency of granulated garlic. Now just mix all the ingredients together and put them in a jar.

That’s it! A quick, easy sugar-free Keto Seasoning rub. Give it a try and tell me how it works out. What’s your favorite Primal, Keto, BBQ rub? Don’t forget to try it out on vegetables.

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