I’ll give you the bad news first Accelerated Cell Division will reduce your life span and make you old. The good news, you can limit cell division by living like our ancestors. There are exceptions; young people, pregnant women, competitive bodybuilders, will all benefit from cell division. It makes sense, after all, a fetus grows through rapid cell division. Not to mention teenagers, they’re always hungry and tired because their cells are dividing like crazy.

Let me give you a visual of how it works. Say you’re in your college days, and attending a Kegger, the beer is flowing freely, you think it’s going to last forever!!! As a good student you just keep on drinking, you feel great, more must be better right.

Then the beer runs out. At this point, you have two choices. Find the least drunk person and send them to the store (with an Uber ride), or deal with the hangover. You chose option one, make a beer run. The party continues but it can’t last forever. So, you stop and deal with the headache, dehydration, grogginess, brain fog, you know all the good stuff. Sometimes, you just start drinking again the next morning. Whatever works, right? If you continue this path, eventually, it will catch up to you.

Your cells are similar to a college student, only they are having a glucose party. Picture this, your cells are riding around, in your body and the glucose is flowing freely, you’re eating all the high carb foods, and they are loving it. They are thinking I hope this stuff never runs out, and they start dividing like crazy making you old and sick in the process. You go to bed and wake up starving. You keep the party going, with that stack of pancakes, drenched in maple syrup, the hair of the dog for your cells, I guess.

Glucose is a cheap easy fuel for your body to burn. It’s the light beer of the dietary world. As long as you keep overfeeding your cells, they will continue to grow and divide. Just like if you continue to go to keggers, you will wake up with a hangover. As a result, your body will try to repair its self over and over, again and again.

You can put the brakes, on unregulated cell division, by starving your body of glucose (carbohydrates). This will improve the cell repair process, through autophagy and it really kicks in gear, if you’re intermittent fasting. The same way if you quit drinking, you will never have a hangover again, or worry about where the next party is. Your cells are designed to make repairs. Eat whole, high-quality foods. That’s the material they will use, you are what you eat really applies.

In a nutshell, unregulated cell division will affect how long you live, limit your bodies ability to fight off disease, illness, and limit the flow of important hormones like HGH and testosterone. Stop the cell division kegger, by improving your metabolic efficiency. How do you do that? The easy answer, limit your carbohydrate intake, participate in intermittent fasting, and a general overall reduction in calories. If you eat and live like our ancestors you will start consuming fewer calories and carbohydrates by default anyway and put a stop to that cell kegger.


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