Taking Shortcuts

It’s happened to all of us! We’re walking down the path, we know our goals, and where we’re going. Then we think to ourselves, if I just cut right through here, I’ll reduce some time off my journey. We think about it and do it. It will be easier right? It’s just human nature, after … Read more


Nature’s Renewal Process II

Last week, we talked about cheap choices in our diets and different ways it can affect our health. You can check the post out, The Renewal Process Part I, here. This week, I will cover the expensive and sensible routes when making food choices. Taking the cheap route, as we discussed last week, is kind … Read more


Cooking with Wood

When it comes to cooking, with wood, I think it’s one of the most human things to do, and a campfire is very comforting. Scientists are still arguing about when our ancestors started cooking with wood. Theories range from 1.8 million years ago to 12,000 years ago. The truth no one will argue, cooking is … Read more