Keto Seasoning

I don’t want to be Downer Doug, but when it comes to making good tasting food most of us suck! We make bland tasting, pale looking meat and veggies, that looks like canned dog food. We can make better! Here’s a recipe for a great all-around Keto seasoning. What I Like I like to keep … Read more


Grilled Keto Coleslaw

Too Much Sugar The problem with most coleslaw recipes is the sugar content. If you’re on a High Fat-Low Carb diet, you’ll get the Keto Kick for sure. The only added sugar in this one is a teaspoon of honey, that’s only 6 grams of added carbs. The charring of the vegetables adds sweetness without … Read more


To BBQ or not to BBQ

Real BBQ First off, let me set things straight, when I’m talking BBQ, I mean real BBQ, the slow and low method. None of this hot and fast over direct heat grilling, but low temperatures, indirect heat, and real wood smoke. There’s nothing wrong with grilling. It’s a great delicious way to cook and I … Read more


The Garlic Sauce

The Garlic Sauce When I develop a recipe or find one I like to try, I think about a few things. First off, what is the benefit? It could be taste, nutritional value, or just breaking up the routine. Even budget can come into play. What does it add in general? Say you’re on a … Read more