Kyle, about me, the primal pit

Hi there, my name is Kyle, creator of The Primal Pit. I like spending my free time hiking, fishing, hunting, and cooking up some new recipes over the open fire. My goal in life is to help others find their path to health and wellness, by living more like our ancestors. In today's modern world that can be difficult. I will help guide you through all the noise and provide some fun tips and tricks along the way. This will enable you to be more aligned with your wild side.

Where did the Name ‘The Primal Pit’ come from?

The Primal Pit sounds like a bad scary place. Like you’re stuck at the bottom of a pit, with a sabretooth tiger. Truth is, I was once stuck in a tiger pit with a bear, but I climbed my way out, no kidding. The name really came from the fact that I like cooking outdoors, on a BBQ Pit. I try living my life more like a caveman. The name ‘The Primal Pit’ was born based on the things I like to do, believe in, and want to share with others.

What’s my Approach to Health, and Wellness?

Honestly, I like taking a commonsense approach. I take my cues from nature when navigating the complicated world of health and wellness. There’s so much information out there. No wonder we’re in an obesity epidemic. We have a hard time deciding how to live our lives and every special interest group is telling us this is the best and only way.  All the confusion and misinformation is creating a health crisis. I could bombard you with a bunch of scientific jargon, but that would make things even more confusing. I like following the 10 Primal Blueprint Laws, they are backed by ancestral health principles and science.

When I’m out on the trail, I like asking the question, ‘what would I eat if I lived out here?’ I guarantee it’s not a candy bar disguised as a protein bar, or a pocket full of trail mix. The second question I ask, ‘how would I obtain my food?’ The answer... I will have to walk a lot, and I mean a lot. Then, after I find or harvest something, comes the work of carrying it back to camp. Every once in a while I will need to run like hell or fight off a bear. After that eventful day, I will sit around the fire pit, and tell stories to my tribe. Sounds like fun to me!

I like using these basic concepts to achieve a healthy, happy path in life, and somehow strike a balance between how our ancestors lived, and how we live in the modern world.